Backwards 3: How to type “Ɛ”? The easiest way ever!

Backwards 3

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You may have just heard the name of this wonderful symbol or seen the flipped 3 written somewhere. And now, you are wondering and interested to know what it means.

Okay fine. Most people use this symbol in mathematics and physics for different purposes. But, now, people use it for a different purpose, which we are gonna discuss below.

In this guide to backwards 3, I will explain to you, what is this symbol, how can you type this wonderful symbol on different devices, where people use this symbol except in mathematics or physics, how this symbol emerged, and everything you need to know about Epsilon. Get ready for an exciting ride; things are about to become intriguing.

What is backwards 3 or reversed 3 “Ɛ”?

The Symbol that looks like reversed “3” is usually called the Epsilon symbol “Ɛ”. This symbol is a Greek letter. People generally use it in Physics, Mathematics, and engineering to represent various concepts, such as the empty set in set theory, the mathematical constant for small quantities in calculus, and as a placeholder in formal language theory.

Nowadays, People use this reversed 3 symbol to type “Ɛ>” which looks like a heart and consider it as a sign of love. The real name of this symbol is Epsilon, but now people have given it many names such as flipped 3, reversed 3, inverted 3, 3 mirrored, and backwards 3.

Personally, I call this symbol “backwards 3”. Cuz, this word is soft, easy to say and easier to use than others. Below, I will break it down and discuss what is the purpose of this symbol, where it can be used, and where people use this wonderful symbol.

So, roll up your sleeves and be with me, Cuz, we’re gonna dive into the world of this beautiful symbol.

Epsilon or Backwards 3 copy and paste “Ɛ”

There are many ways to type this symbol and we’ll discuss all the methods below, but the easiest way is to copy epsilon. Before we dive into it, I wanna let you copy the Flipped 3 symbol so that you can copy it from here and paste it anywhere you want.

After copying the epsilon from below, you can send it to your friends and they’ll be shocked and will ask you “How did you write that?!”. So, let’s make them curious. 🤭

Click on the Symbol to Copy


After copying from this button, click on the clipboard option. As shown in the picture below.

Clipboard Option in Android Keyboard
Clipboard Option in Android Keyboard

Now you will see all the texts you have copied before including this flipped 3. Now hold the symbol for 2 or 3 seconds, you’ll see 3 options. Now, you have to click on “Pin”.

Pinning Copied Text in Clipboard in Android Keyboard
Pinning Copied Text in Clipboard in Android Keyboard

The symbol will now be pinned to your phone’s clipboard. Now the symbol can be pasted anywhere and anytime. The pinned symbol will never go anywhere until you unpin it.

Moreover, you can bookmark this page, when you need this symbol to type, you can land here and copy it from the above-given button.

Pinned Texts in Clipboard in Android Keyboard
Pinned Texts in Clipboard in Android Keyboard

How to type backwards three “Ɛ”?

As I already mentioned, there are a bunch of methods to write backwards3 three heart emoji and here is another way to write it. Here, I’ll tell you how can you write 3 mirrored using the character map. First, you must have the character map on your desktop or laptop.

Okay. Now, first of all, click on the window button at the left bottom or you can see the search bar near the windows icon, click on it and search the term “Character map”.

Upon clicking “Character map”, a popup with a bunch of symbols will appear.

Character Map
Character Map

When you see this pop-up, then you have to check the “Advanced view” option. As shown in the picture below.

advanced view option in character map
Advanced view option in character map

Upon checking the “Advanced view,” additional options will become visible. The following picture illustrates the concept. Please select “Unicode” next to the “Character set:” setting. From the drop-down, you gotta select “Windows: Greek”. As shown in the picture below.

Windows Geek option in character map
Windows Geek option in character map

After clicking on “Windows: Greek”, you will the new symbols and in all of those symbols, there’s the Flipped 3. As shown in the picture. Tap the reversed 3 symbol and hit the select button.

backwards 3 in character map
Flipped 3 in character map

After clicking on the select button, the backwards heart emoji symbol will be added ahead of the “Characters to copy:” section. After the symbol appears in that location, press the button labelled “copy” to copy it.

Coping reversed 3 in character map
Coping 3 mirrored in character map

How can I use the Alt Code to type the backwards 3 symbol “Ɛ”?

Another way to type Flipped 3 kicks off here. In this way, you can easily type reversed 3 using your computer or laptop keyboard. This method is pretty easy if you understand it properly and practice it at least once. Let’s roll the dice.

Here are the steps:

  • First of all, open a new file in Microsoft Excel Word or MS Word.
  • Now, write the sentences you want, and where you wanna type Epsilon symbol, type “0190” and then click “ALT + X”.
  • Congratulations!🥳 Now you can see “Ɛ” on your screen. Yeah! this is the symbol you want.

How to type inverted 3 “Ɛ” in a Word Processor?

So, here’s a new method that has come to its turn. In this method, I am gonna tell you, how can you type Epsilon symbol in MS Word. Previously, I taught you, how you can type reversed three using your keyboard in MS Word.

But, in this method, you can type inverted 3 without touching your keyboard. So, here’s a step-by-step guide begins to it.

To begin, please launch Microsoft Word from your desktop. Tap the “Insert” tab found within the primary menu.

Insert Option in Main Menu of MS Word
Insert Option in Main Menu of MS Word

Please focus on the symbol option situated in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the “symbols” and you will see a short amount of symbols in the drop-down.

Symbols Drop-down in MS Word
Symbols Drop-down in MS Word

If the reversed three is not visible, please select “More symbols.” Then you’ll see a pop-up, and there you’ll see a lot of symbols.

All Symbols in MS Word
All Symbols in MS Word

Select the “Cyrillic Supplement” subset and here you go, now can see the inverted 3 on the pop-up screen, as soon as you click on the symbol and hit insert, it will be written down to your document.

Selecting Backwards 3 Symbol in MS Word
Selecting 3 mirrored Symbol in MS Word

How to type inverted 3 “Ɛ” on Android or iPhone?

There is no doubt that Android and iPhone have billions of users, and these devices provide as many features as the user needs. But now, we are talking about the “Epsilon symbol” here, so, the quick and straightforward answer to the question is that there is no option to type Reversed three in Android or iPhone.

However, as I mentioned above and still, I would suggest that you copy the “Flipped 3” symbol from the button above and save it to your phone’s clipboard. This method is the most effective, straightforward, and uncomplicated way to accomplish that.

Copy it now from the above button, make a heart/love sign “Ɛ>” and send it to your loved ones. They will be happy because you are showing your love for them in a new and exciting way.

How to type inverted 3 “Ɛ” on Windows or Mac?

Typing backwards heart emoji on Windows or Mac is easy and simple. You can type inverted 3 on your Windows or Mac using the Character Map. You can also type 3 mirrored on Microsoft Word using Alt Code. Both of these method’s details are mentioned above.

Here’s another way to put it down. So, let me introduce you to a new method so that you can type flipped 3 symbol using this method. I want you to know all the methods so that if you forget any method at least remember one method.

This way you can add a heart symbol in Word. Now let’s get into the procedure.

First, open a new Google Docs in your Chrome profile and click on the insert option.

Click on insert option in google docs
Click on the insert option in Google Docs

Then you will see a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, click on “special character”.

special character option in google docs
special character option in Google Docs

As soon as you click on the “special character” option, you’ll be able to see a new pop-up on your screen. On that pop-up, you can see a search bar. Type “Epsilon” in the search bar.

searching epsilon in special character in google docs
searching epsilon in special character in Google Docs

On the left-hand side, you will see a few characters, the “3 mirrored” symbol will appear to you upon your meditation. The symbol will be automatically inserted into your document upon your selection.

backwards 3 in special character in google docs
Epsilon symbol in special character in Google Docs

For what purpose do people use reversed three “Ɛ”?

Earlier people used this symbol in mathematics, physics, computer science, and engineering. Here is a full description of the purpose of “3 mirrored” used in these objects.

In Mathematics

Epsilon, inverted 3, is used to represent a small positive quantity in Mathematics and sometimes it is used in set theory to represent a set with no element. In math language, we can call it E math symbol.

In Physics

Epsilon, inverted 3, is used to represent permittivity in Physics. Permittivity is a characteristic of a substance that delineates its reaction to an electric field.

In Computer Science

In Computer Science, inverted 3 is used to represent an empty string, a string with no characters.

In Engineering

In numerical analysis, inverted 3 refers to a small positive number that can be represented by a computer’s floating-point system.

Got it?

Nowadays, plenty of people use the Epsilon symbol to make heart “Ɛ>” and show love in a new way. This symbol is mostly used by Generation X to express their lovely feelings to their loved ones.

So, what stops you from sending it to your partner? Copy it now from the above, and send it to your partner now. Enjoy! 😉 Also, you can share this guide with your partner on where does Temu ship from. I hope it will be helpful for you and him.

Does an inverted 3 “Ɛ” look like the letter “E”?

The quick and straightforward answer is, Yes! Backward 3 is 85%-90% matching. In 3 mirrored, only the corners are curved. If you bend it straight it will look like an “E”. Also, it looks like a 3 upside down.

Some people think, that Epsilon symbol is a lowercase upside-down E. But, they’re wrong, actually, 3 mirrored is a Greek letter and it came in this shape by flipping 3. It also looks like an E symbol in math.

In which language does “backwards 3” occur?

The backwards 3 came from ancient Greek writing and is represented by the character “Ɛ” (GREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON). The modern version of “Ɛ” is “Ɛ>”. Which is developed from the medieval script and often used to show love.


In conclusion, it’s not just a mathematical or scientific notation; it’s a symbol of love, a modern-day emblem used to express affection. It’s transformed into “Ɛ>,” a heart symbol that has captured the hearts of many, especially among the younger generation.

You can type it on various devices using different methods, and we’ve covered all those methods for you. Whether you want to copy and paste it or explore other options, it’s all at your fingertips.

So, the next time you want to add a unique touch to your messages, surprise your friends, or express your love in a novel way, remember the Epsilon symbol. It’s more than just a symbol; it’s a versatile character that bridges the worlds of science and emotion. Copy it, share it, and spread the love! 😊

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The symbol that looks like 3, “Ɛ” or backwards 3, known as Epsilon, is commonly used in mathematics, physics, and engineering to represent various concepts.

In modern usage, the reversed 3 symbol “Ɛ>,” which resembles a heart, is often used as a sign of love, especially by the younger generation. This way of expressing love has gained popularity.

The easiest way is to copy the Epsilon symbol from the button given above, and then paste it anywhere you want. You can also pin it to your clipboard for easy access.

Of course! you can type the reversed 3 symbol using Alt Code. To insert the symbol “Ɛ” in Microsoft Word, type “0190” and then use the keyboard shortcut “ALT + X”.

The reversed 3 symbol “Ɛ” has its origins in ancient Greek writing. It is denoted by the Greek lowercase letter Epsilon.